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To escort enterprise innovation, the first batch of intellectual property insurance in Rizhao City was successfully signed!

In order to continuously optimize the business environment and further promote the work of patent insurance, recently, under the active promotion of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Rizhao Center Branch and five companies including Shandong Huayuan Rigging Co., Ltd. signed patents Insurance business, providing a total of 12 million yuan of risk protection for 89 patents, this is the first batch of patent insurance launched in our city, and the number of insured companies and patents are in the forefront of the province, marking the city's patent insurance work has achieved good results beginning.
It is reported that in order to implement the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government Printing and Distributing "Several Measures to Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection" (Lu Ban Dian [2020] No. 159) and improve the intellectual property protection mechanism, To reduce the cost of protecting rights of enterprises, and encourage insurance institutions to carry out overseas intellectual property insurance business, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Shandong Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the "Shandong Province Enterprise Intellectual Property Insurance Support Project Management Implementation Measures", which was listed in the provincial The government's "List of High-Quality Development Policies of "Stability and Progress" (The First Batch)", the document stipulates that enterprises should purchase patent insurance from insurance companies, and the provincial finance will subsidize 60% of the actual annual insurance premium. Among them, enterprises that insure patent enforcement insurance and patent infringement loss insurance have a total annual subsidy of up to 200,000 yuan, and companies that only insure domestic insurance have a total annual subsidy of up to 60,000 yuan; companies that insure overseas intellectual property infringement liability insurance have a maximum annual subsidy of 40 yuan. million. The specific target countries for high-value patents or enterprises to insure are countries or regions along the “Belt and Road”, and the premium subsidy standard will increase by 10%. Among them, enterprises that insure patent enforcement insurance and patent infringement loss insurance can receive a total annual subsidy of up to 300,000 yuan, and companies that insure intellectual property overseas infringement liability insurance have a total annual subsidy of up to 500,000 yuan. The duration of the patent insurance is one year, and the insured enterprises do not enjoy subsidies for mid-year surrender.

According to the work arrangement of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Rizhao Municipal Market Supervision Bureau earnestly implements the provincial intellectual property insurance policy documents, strengthens the connection with the provincial bureau, closely cooperates with the departments, actively connects with enterprises, and promotes the patent insurance policy through multiple channels and forms. Work to create a good atmosphere for intellectual property protection.

In the next step, the Rizhao Market Supervision Bureau will focus on the construction of a national innovative city, focus on the implementation of the requirements of "innovating the city", and innovatively carry out intellectual property financing and insurance "enterprise benefits", so as to escort the innovation of enterprises. The first is to build a new "zero distance, one precision" intellectual property financial service mechanism, change the intellectual property financial policy of enterprises to find enterprises with intellectual property financial policy, digital empowerment and efficiency, and promote the realization of intellectual property value such as pledge, insurance, securitization, etc. The second is to set up the Rizhao Workstation of the Jinan Office of the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, strengthen staff allocation, office equipment and venue allocation, consolidate service content, and build a one-stop comprehensive intellectual property service chain covering the whole city. The level of localized management of intellectual property business; the third is to build an intellectual property financial "ecosphere" composed of government departments, banks and other financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, and evaluation service institutions. Matching of business needs in the early stage, monitoring of the service process in the mid-term, and "one-stop" precise service for financing, insurance and enjoying the policy in the later stage. Through the above measures and three-pronged approach, we will focus on improving the level of intellectual property financing and insurance facilitation in our city, further expand intellectual property financing and insurance coverage, improve the benefit of enterprises, and further promote the optimization of the intellectual property business environment. Enterprise competitiveness, innovation, influence and anti-risk ability, provide strong intellectual property financial support, and use the "soft environment" of innovative financial services to catalyze the transformation of Rizhao Group into "hard power".