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School-enterprise cooperation and seek common development - a glimpse of the intern stationed in the work

In August 2021, Huayuan Rigging and Rizhao Vocational and Technical College reached a cooperation intention. After screening on November 22, 10 outstanding professional students settled in, starting a new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation. In this ordinary but special time, they are using their own actions to interpret the professionalism and excellence of Japanese vocational students. Forging, mold, machining, heat treatment, packaging, they exude their vibrant youth everywhere, they are lovely They are trendy and down-to-earth. They are professional, good at thinking, and innovative. They are a special new vitality of Huayuan. May you face life with a normal attitude, and may you practice this trip with extraordinary actions. In the journey of life, use your hard work and persistence to leave a meaningful stroke in your life!
Come, show it!